Building an Online Presence

14September 2022

Building an Online Presence

Marketing Your Business For Growth

If you’re in business to make money like the rest of us, building an online presence should be a priority. Of course, if you have a great storefront located on a busy street in your city, you’ll likely draw in plenty of foot-traffic. Even so, customers often times prefer to check out your website, reviews and social media posts. They are considering spending money with you — you likely do the same research when you’re the buyer.

Often times your online presence can make or break the deal. We have customers who have seen their businesses grow exponentially by improving their online presence. But we realize that you have other things to do.

So… let us help you build a rock-solid online presence!

Lead Generation Services and Your Business

Today, it is common knowledge that your business needs a website. If you have a new business, or just wanting to grow your own current business – we’ve got your back! We’ve seen tremendous results from Google PPC (Pay Per Click ads) and rock solid SEO. A website built with search engine optimization in mind, will climb to the top quickly. Besides, what good is a website if a potential customer can’t find you online? Some of the more popular content management systems, or do-it-yourself web building platforms might look aesthetically good, but… having a website that looks good, won’t necessarily get your phone ringing. Again, your site MUST be constructed by someone with a great understanding of SEO, along with paid marketing skills. Which brings us to our next recommendation…

Google’s Paid Advertising

Here’s where your business can really excel with our help… paid advertising. You see, Google will gladly place your business advertisement at the top of search results for a fee. They too, are in the business of making money. And, more than 75% of people searching for services online, are searching through Google. Doesn’t it make sense? The people who “own” the internet want to bring in more customers for those who are willing to pay the fee. Hire a pro to set up your Google Ads to be sure you’re not over spending.

Facebook Marketing

You may have been contacted by marketers offering to run Facebook Ads for your business. We have run plenty of FB ads for businesses in the past, but it’s just no longer an effective means of advertising. People want to keep up with family members through Facebook. They like funny memes and cute puppy videos. When an ad about a plumbing or HVAC business comes up, statistics show they are skipping right through. In short, we no longer recommend Facebook marketing as a profitable method for your business. We like sticking with SEO and PPC.

An online presence is imperative

The bottom line is that you need a good website and paid advertising. However, if you don’t yet have enough budget for paid advertising, at least have us build you a good website. If you already have a website, we’d be happy to overhaul what you have. We have customers who’s web presence has affected their bottom line by HUGE numbers.

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